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Senior choristers – Camerata & Performing Choir

Choristers in the AGC are known for their excellent presentation and we encourage girls to take pride in their appearance. At the AGC we believe that what’s practised each week will show through in performance so we have high uniform expectations at weekly classes, as well as concerts and gigs.

Please find further information below regarding uniform requirements for Camerata & Performing Choir choristers.

Before ordering, we recommend viewing sample sets at your daughter’s rehearsal venue to determine the best size. Otherwise, please refer to the Size Guide.

Uniform Change for 2024
We’re refreshing our uniform design following a review of all levels and the changes will be eased in across two years. From 2024, we’re changing the navy elements of our uniform to black and we’ve made some design modifications to modernise the dance pants. Camerata and Performing Choir will no longer be required to purchase a navy t-shirt as all levels will wear magenta t-shirts. Choristers can continue wearing navy t-shirts until the end of 2024.

Compulsory uniform items:

  • Magenta t-shirt
  • Black dance pants
  • Polar fleece
  • AGC backpack

The uniform is to be worn with long black socks and any type of all black closed-toe shoes.

Compulsory performance items:

  • Black AGC logo t-shirt
  • Black full or split sole jazz shoes

Optional items:

  • Black shorts
  • Black knee pads
  • Merchandise

All girls should wear their hair tied back to each choir rehearsal and the only jewellery to be worn should be small stud or sleeper earrings and watches. AGC pink rehearsal ribbon is available from your Venue Manager for $2.

Girls should bring a drink bottle, pencil and a folder for their sheet music each week. All girls are provided with a complimentary AGC music bag at the start of the year.

Uniforms will be delivered to your AGC rehearsal venue within 3–4 weeks of the order. Items ordered at the beginning of each year will be delivered by the end of Term 1. New choristers should continue to wear casual clothes at rehearsals until uniforms are delivered. For order and delivery information please refer to the Info page.